PlugNexus wins Fidelity and CorkBIC Awards at UCC FYP Open Day

Cover Image for PlugNexus wins Fidelity and CorkBIC Awards at UCC FYP Open Day;

The University College Cork Final Year Projects Open Day was hosted on April 5th at UCC's Western Gateway Building. Aidan Molloy presented Plug Nexus as his Final Year Project. Over 100 projects were presented at the final year projects open day from within the UCC School of Digital Humanities and Information Technology

Fidelity Investments Final Year Project Prize

PlugNexus was awarded the Fidelity Investments Final Year Project Prize. The following is feedback from Fidelity on why they chose PlugNexus:

'This is a fantastic example of taking a real life business problem and applying technology to solve. It’s a very current problem and I particularly liked the way Aidan approached his analysis of the problem to quickly identify that scaling charging stations is not going to resolve the issue. Aidans solution is scalable and he has also ensured the application is responsive for mobile users who would be a large portion of the user base.' - Fidelity

CorkBIC Entrepreneurship Prize

PlugNexus was shortlisted as one of the most entrepreneurial final year projects. This led to a chance to pitch the project to a panel including members of CorkBIC. PlugNexus was awarded a third place prize by CorkBIC.