PlugNexus is a digital platform designed to enable coordinated sharing of electric vehicle charging stations.

Any community can use PlugNexus to coordinate the sharing of EV charging stations. Example of these communities include employees sharing work stations.

Charging Networks

A charging network consists of one or more charging stations that are shared by a group of users. Private networks are only accessible by their users while public networks can be used by anyperson.

Create a PlugNexus account. Logged into your account and choose networks Click "Create Network" button. Enter the network name and set it privacy. Once you create a network, you need to add chargers to the network.

You choose restricted if you would like to control who can join your network. Alternatively, you can choose shared code if you want any one who has the code to join the network. This option could be good for public networks or when added users share a network domain.

  • Log into your account and choose chargers.
  • Hover over "+" button and click station icon.
  • Choose the charger network from the drop down menu, and click Next button.
  • Type the charger address or location then use the map to accurately locate the charger location, and click Next button.
  • Click "Add Charger Button" and identify the type, power (Kwh), and price per hour.
  • You can add additional chargers if the station has multiple ports.
  • When you add all chargers, click "Create" to complete the station setup.

For share code networks,You can add users by sending them the shared code. You can get the code by clicking on the "View" button beside the network in your networks.

For restricted networks, you can users by sending them email invitations. You can send an invitation by clicking on the "View" button beside the network in your networks.

The chargers of any network are only visible by the network's members.

The access of network chargers can be controlled using a network policy. The policy can be designed to meet the operator goal including fair access.

By limiting the maximum session duration, you ensure that no single car will reserve the charger for extended periods that prevent other from accessing the charger or suffer long waiting periods.


  • Go to the map to see available chargers.
  • Click a bookable charger (either private or public), whose icon would be blue.
  • Choose book and proceed with date, time, and car selection then confirm your booking.

To join a network, you need to receive its join code or receive an invitation email including your unique code for restricted networks.

Any user can register multiple cars and join multiple networks.